Office Visits - Are by appointment and start at $20 for vaccinations, $55 for sick visits, and $30 for follow-up visits.  There will be an additional charge for emergency and walk-in visits.

Immunizations and Wellness Care - To keep your pet healthy, they need at least yearly wellness exam including immunizations and various testing.  For dogs it is necessary to check for Heart Worms yearly and stay on prevention between visits. Routine Heart Worm prevention not only protect the heart of your pet but also decrease the likelihood that your pet will have Gastrointestinal (GI) worms as well. Checking for heartworms is a simple blood test. Cats though are rarely on Heart Worm prevention and because of this there is a greater need to check for GI paracites. How to make your vets day and your cats all in one scoop? Scoop the poop! Fresh samples provide better test results, and are less intrusive to your feline friend. Cats should also have a Feline Leukemia and Immunosuppressive Virus test at some point and if outdoors may need to be repeated from time to time.  All new cats to the family should be tested prior to being introduced to a household with existing cats. 

Surgeries – We perform various surgeries from routine spays and neuters to more complicated orthopedics.  Many of our routine surgeries are considered low cost. For a detailed estimate on non-routine surgeries, please call our office to schedule an appointment.  Our prices to spay or neuter your pet are shown below:

Cat Neuters starting at $45
Cat Spays starting at $65
Dog Neuters starting at $75
Dog Spays starting at $85

*Animals scheduled for surgery are dropped off between 7:30 am and 8:30 am and picked up between 3:30 PM and 5 PM.

Routine Dental Cleaning – Healthy teeth for the lifetime of your pet increases your pets life expectancy.  As a minimum, it will improve the quality of your pet's life and provide a higher likelihood of keeping his or her teeth throughout their life.  In order to prevent your pet from developing periodontal disease, or help control existing problems it is recommended that they get routine dental cleanings.  Prices start at $120.  Extractions and antibiotics may be needed for moderate to severe dental disease.  We suggest an office visit to develop a more formal estimate on all pets that have significant dental disease.

In-House Diagnostics (Including Digital X-rays) – To quickly diagnose your pet we can perform certain laboratory procedures while you wait.  More complicated cases will require samples to be sent to an outside lab facility which generally gives us the results in 12-24 hours. With the improvement of technology our doctors are on the cutting edge. Our digital X-ray imaging equipment can help our doctors diagnose your pet's illness or injury far better than most standard hospitals.  Prices start at $69.50 for the first view and $42.75 for each additional view, in most cases we take at least two views to get a better 3 dimentional understanding.

On-site Pharmacy – We have a wide range of medications on hand so there is no waiting and no second trip to start your pet’s treatment. Those considering online pharmacies please read Online Pet Pharmacies Protect Yourself and Your Pet, realesed by the Center for Veterinary Medicine.

Nutritional Counseling – Is your pet under or overweight?  Our doctors can help you develop a plan of action that educates and empowers you to elevate the quality and extend the quantity of your pet’s life, many times without even changing their favorite food.  Ask us for help.  Good nutrition is the first step to a good life.

Behavioral Counseling – Cats are not as easy as dogs, but you may find much success following some of our tips to common problems.  Uncover your ability to understand and train your own pet.  Many of us learn to raise children through watching our parents.  Get a veterinarian’s perspective on raising our four-legged children.  Ask specifically for behavior counseling as you set your appointment.

Boarding – Charges are by the night and are based off of your pet's weight. Prices start at $16 per night for cats, and $16 per night for dogs. Accommodations can be made for any special needs your pet has like medications or physical disabilities.  Pets boarding with us need to be current on all vaccinations.

Microchip – We can implant your pet with a microchip and even set up your first year membership with Home Again.  These chips will be active for the life of your pet.  The extra benefits that you get with a membership can be renewed yearly.  Please call for detailed prices on this service.

Traveling Abroad Are you building frequent flier miles with FiFi or Rover?  Do you need a health certificate and/or an acclimation certificate for your trip to the in-laws? For the world traveler, do you need testing or quarantine?  Let us help with your travel plans.  Overseas traveling can be very difficult. If possible, start planning at least six months ahead to minimize complications and save money.
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